Top Business Tools

Here are the top online tools that entrepreneurs swear by:


This marketing automation software makes email marketing simple, thanks to its user-friendly newsletter templates and design customization features.


This leading e-commerce service provider allows you to create a fully hosted online shopping cart that you can customize and accepts international currencies. It enables building an online store right on your own website.

Google Drive

With Google Drive as your file sharing and storage platform, work collaboration is made more efficient for you and your employees. You and your team can work on a file at the same time.


It’s a wireframing tool that makes it easy to design and mockup your ideas for instant sharing, modification, and feedback.


A nifty project management tool, Trello keeps your tasks organized by allowing you to sort them according to their current status: pending, in-progress, for review, and completed.


Work smarter with this powerful note-taking app at your disposal. It features reminders, sharing, file attachments, and voice memos for the busy entrepreneur who’s always on the go.


Accounting can be a nerve-wracking process for small business owners, so easy-to-use online tools like FreshBooks save money and time for you. This cloud-based software offers invoicing and tracking for time and expense.


Especially useful for working with virtual teams and remote clients, Skype is a free tool for video and voice calls that also feature calls to smartphones and landlines.


This sales automation software is what you need for converting your leads and monitoring your performance easily for sales improvement.