Experience is the best teacher—in our more than 10 years as entrepreneurs, we couldn’t agree more to this nugget of wisdom. Running businesses has its ups and downs, and the whole experience has transformed us not just into more strategic business owners but also wiser leaders and better persons. Here, we share some of the lessons we wish we had learned sooner.

Don’t waste your time with cheap clients.

Your business will be better off without clients who unreasonably ask for huge discounts and don’t add value to your business. Ironically, these clients are the ones who have unrealistic demands and will never be satisfied. Please do your team a favor—never do business with this kind of clients.

Communicate your vision to your team.

Communication is different from micro-management. You don’t have to breathe down your team members’ neck all the time. What we mean by communication is more than just what you say—it’s how you say it through your actions. Are your action and work ethic consistent with your company values? Set an example, and people will quickly pick up what you’re trying to communicate through both your words and actions.

Keep your branding focused.

If you’re trying to fit too many messages in a single brand, your target market will get confused as to what you really are and what you’re offering. Stick to one brand messaging and be consistent with it.

Mistakes are nasty and costly, but they taught us the value of taking stock of the lessons to learn along the way and making sure they don’t happen again. Don’t get us wrong—we don’t regret failing (because how else can we learn?). We just want to pass on some knowledge we gained from experience so that fellow entrepreneurs can pick up something useful.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their loyalty to your brand has a great impact on your sales. So it makes perfect sense that you invest money, time, and effort in making them happy. Essentially, it means aligning their experience doing business with you with their expectations.

But beyond that, you can do more than just giving them satisfaction with the product or services you offer. Go out of your way to delight your customers by doing these industry-proven practices:

Listen to their feedback.

The simple act of listening does wonders to how your customers perceive your company. Give them convenient venues for them to comment on your products or services so that you can better understand their needs and tweak your offerings accordingly. Make them also feel that you value their opinions. One great example is to reply to comments on Facebook and Twitter (just don’t waste your time with the trolls).

Show them your appreciation.

Saying “thank you” every chance you get is great for letting them know that you’re happy having them as partners in your business. But take a step further by offering freebies and discounts, sending greeting cards, and even hosting a customer appreciation event.

Make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Many companies don’t invest enough in user experience design when building their websites. Fancy and attention-grabbing graphics won’t be of much use when a customer finds it hard to find a particular item on your product catalog or the all-important shopping cart. Worse, when your site pages load very slowly, you’re just making them want to switch to the competitor.

Taking every step and effort possible to impress your customers and make them want to keep doing business with you will go a long way for the growth of your business.

Are you a startup business owner who’s looking for effective ways to run and grow your enterprise? We asked some of our peers who have experience managing small businesses for their thoughts and insights. Below are the tips we have gathered from successful entrepreneurs who started out small but have now made a name for themselves:

You don’t have to quit your full-time job just yet.

Some people have the courage to take a leap of faith by resigning from their day job to go full-time in running their startup. But this move can be very risky. What if your business runs out of money and fail? What will be your fallback? The best strategy is to keep your job for a few more years while you’re starting to get your small business off the ground. When you’re absolutely sure that your business will take off well, then it’s time to call it quits with your day job.

Lower your overhead costs.

Cutting down your overhead can minimize your spending while maximizing your business assets. Do you really need a large office when your employees are always out in client meetings? Do you really need all the equipment? Can you consider forming a virtual team to lower your overhead? Think about these when evaluating your overhead costs.

Put your full attention to one venture only.

Some business owners get tempted to start another business they’re interested in to the detriment of the first one they’ve worked hard to build. If you’re dividing your time and energy between two new businesses, one or both of them is bound to fail. Focus on just one business first. If you really want to have a second one, assign a full-time manager whom you can trust to oversee its operations.

What are your thoughts? Share your experience as a small business owner here in the comments!

The atmosphere of your residence and workplace are vital for your general well-being and functioning. If you find your house or office uncomfortable you will look for means to escape and this will Split type air conditioning systemaffect your happiness and work output. Central air installation is essential to ensure that your office and house have the required air conditioning, ventilation and heating for optimum comfort.

There are various central air installation packages including Do It Yourself (DIY) in the market. Careful selection of construction materials and ventilation structures can enhance the natural ventilation of a building. Central air installation involves the fixing of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system that generates heat in the building from a single location.

The following considerations can help you with central air installation for your house:


It is always necessary to engage a professional whenever you want to install central air conditioning. The professional will help you determine the size of your unit based on where you live, size of your walls, positioning of your house in relation to the sun, insulation, direction of doors and windows among other things. Using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) manual J load calculation (manual D is for commercial load calculation), the contractor will be able to inform you the appropriate unit size.


Proper sizing is necessary in order to install the most appropriate air conditioning unit for your house. The unit sizing is measured in tons – that is the energy for cooling released when a ton-block of ice melts in a day. When the sizing unit is larger than should be, it cools the house too fast while not completely minimizing the humidity. It also becomes more expensive to maintain because it consumes more electricity than necessary. A smaller unit than the required size will have to run more constantly incurring higher electricity bills yet not cool the building effectively.

Efficiency of the Unit

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) regulates standards and specifications for energy equipment in the United States. It set the minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Central air conditioning systemRatio (SEER) for central air installation to 13 in 2006. SEER measures the level of cooling you would get per watt of electricity used. The higher the SEER the better it functions in a cost effective way. Some states offer SEER incentives which would reduce the cost further. You can always find out if your state offers such incentive.

Location of the System

Location of the system should take into consideration the type of unit (package system or split system) and the noise generated when the system is running. The system ought to ideally be placed away from bedroom windows or places that need quiet such as the sick bay or study room.


Central air conditioning can be installed with or without ducts. Your professional advisor would be able to advise on available options.


A high-efficiency filter is essential before central air installation occurs because it rids your house of pollen and dust ensuring a clean and more efficient air conditioning system.

The Types of Digital Marketing Strategies and How They Can Boost Your Business

In whichever business industry you may be in or whatever business idea it may be that you plan to start on, it is mandatory for you to subscribe to digital marketing strategies.

In this day and age, with the proliferation of IT and the internet, it is the web that people instantly turn to and depend on to find the products or services which they need with as much necessary information about these products or services.

As a business owner who wants to expand your market to the farthest possible extent which you can reach, it is important that you understand how practically all of your potential customers and clients are online. As the more easily they find your company information and what it has to offer online, the greater chances you have to more efficiently convert your online presence into actual tangible profits. It goes without saying too, that once your prospective customers become actual buyers and clients, you also count on their passing on the word about how good your products or services are.

Here are some types of very reliable digital marketing strategies which you can depend on, if you have not started yet. Perhaps if you are using one or two of them, it would not hurt to utilize the more of these online marketing strategies. After all your competition are all on it, so should you too and better.

search engine optimization for your business growthSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basically, the purpose of SEO is to increase the searchability and visibility of your company website. It has several very important components which need to be integrated into your web contents.

There is a special focus on the well thought out use of keywords in titles, headers and URLs, proper linking, proper use of ALT tags and activities on social media platforms which we will further discuss in the following section.These elements in your web contents, when implemented and used properly, i.e, use of only white hat techniques, will help boost your company website ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO may appear simple and doable on your own but requires so much more technical knowledge to implement it properly, even more so successfully. It is always best advised that as a business owner, you should hire experts to do the SEO work for you. These SEO specialists such as the professionals at Lowell SEO Services have the technical expertise in the field. For certain, they are more eligible and reliable on the SEO job.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is on at least one social media platform. This means that a huge part of your potential market base is using social media networks.

These social media networks are perfect for you to reach out to your customers and clients, existing and prospective alike. These are where you can interact with them on real-time. You can express gratitude for their support and use of the products or services which company offers. You can also obtain feedback directly from them. You can ask for these reviews through the well utilized comments section or through a poll. You can update them on new promos which you plan to release and encourage them to take advantage of the promos while they last.

It is also on social media networks that you can also underscore your brand name and its value as well as reinforce your company’s reputation. You can advertise your products or services free of charge on these social media networks. As well, it will be easy to track the progress of your company’s online presence and visibility because these social media platforms tell you how much following you have attracted.

email marketing for your businessEmail Marketing

Email marketing or email newsletters are not outdated. In fact, this tool is still very much widely used. Think social media networks. Practically everyone is using them and in order to do so, you need to set up and sign up for an account using a valid email address.Therefore, email still makes for a great tool in digital marketing.

Email marketing is cost- and time-efficient. You can use it to establish your brand name and identity. You can also be as creative with your email newsletters. You can incorporate added perks and freebies for your subscribers. This way, you can make reading your email advertisement a fun experience for your recipients.

There are other digital marketing strategies but these three are the most basic and can most likely get you started. You just have to find that healthy balance amongst all these online marketing modes and methods.

Are you an HVAC technician who wants to get the most out of your skills and anything you know about heating and cooling repairs and installation?

Central Air Conditioning Installation ServiceIf you have great skills in installing and repairing Classic Air Conditioning and Heating, and you want to gain more income, then you might want to consider starting your own business in central air conditioning installation and repair services.

Although you can gain decent income when you are employed in an established company as a central heating and cooling professional worker, wouldn’t it be better if you’re the one running your own business and give opportunities to others by hiring other Air conditioner technicians to work for you?

If you are interested in running your own HVAC services business but are still unsure if fit would be a good decision, below are the pros of having your own.


Advantages of Starting a Central Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Business


1. Relatively low startup cost compared to other businesses

When you start your own company, you may be needing thousand of dollars as a capital investment. However, if you start a company where you install and repair central air conditioning units, you won’t be needing so much for the capital. Depending on the starting tools and equipment that you will be buying, you can start at a cost that is as low as $2,000 – $10,000.

2. You can operate your business at home

Central Air Conditioning Installation Service

You don’t need to rent a commercial space or a shop when running your heating and cooling system repair services. If you yourself are an HVAC technician specializing in central air conditioning installation, you can be your own employee to cater your first few customers and set up your office at home, and organize all your tools and equipment in your garage or any vacant areas in your house.

3. You can start part-time

Unlike other businesses where owners have to always be there for almost 24/7, you may choose not to work full-time. You can create your own business hours where clients can choose according to the available schedules that you set. This can become more effective if you have your own business website, Facebook page or other social media accounts for your services in installing and repairing central air conditioning units.

4. Opportunities for growth

If you give reliable and professional results, and your first customers have rated your services with positive feedbacks, they will definitely recommend you to their friends and family. And the friends of their friends will recommend them to you, too. Once you gain more and more clients, you can then start adding new technicians to your small company, and that’s when you start growing it.

Grab the Advantages and Opportunities

Don’t just settle for becoming an employee. Although you may get a decent income from it, having your own central air conditioning installation and repair company can give you more opportunities to prosper. Another thing about having your business is that once you have established it and hired reliable people in your company, you don’t have to work anymore. In that way, you can enjoy life with your family while having a passive income.

Rubber paving outdoor materials

Selecting the materials to use in protecting the flooring of your business premises is an important aspect of keeping your customers safe and avoiding additional expenses in the future. Choosing a slip-resistant material is important for high-traffic places like restaurants and resorts, and it’s also important to choose a durable material that will last for years without the need for repairs.

In this regard, rubber paving is your best choice. Recycled rubber paver tiles are affordable, safe, and durable. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using rubber paving for business buildings and how much do rubber pavers cost.

Why Use Rubber Paving for Commercial Buildings?

Rubber paver tiles are often used for driveways, sidewalks, and outdoor patios, but rubber pavings are also becoming more common in commercial buildings. Thanks to the following benefits, there is an increased rate of use of rubber paving for commercial buildings:

Slip-resistant. Rubbers are highly slip-resistant, making it perfect for commercial flooring of business types like restaurants and resorts. This will help you avoid falling accidents on your business premises, maintaining a peaceful and safe experience for everybody.

Durable. The main reason why many Western folks like to use these pavers in their driveway and pool decks is that they’re durable and resistant to wear and tear. Your rubber pave can last for decades without cracks and other damages. They’re also strong enough to withstand extreme weather elements like snow, rain, heat, and ice.

Eco friendly rubber materials

Environmental-friendly. Manufacturers of rubber pavers use recycled materials when creating porous paver units. Millions of tons of rubber are being recycled and put to good use, so using tire pavers is a great way of helping reduce pollution.

Affordable. Recycled paver tiles are more affordable than other paving options like cobblestone and asphalt, making rubber paving for commercial buildings a great alternative for those on a budget.

These are just some of the many benefits of using rubber paving for commercial buildings, but they’re surely enough to convince you that rubber pavings can certainly go head-to-head with other common paving materials.

How Much Do Rubber Pavers Cost?

Now that you know the upsides of using recycled rubber paver tiles, you need to get an idea of how much do pavers cost. The usual starting price is $6.50 per square foot or $6000 to $11,000 per 500 sq ft, but the cost of this paving type depends on a lot of factors.

These factors include your location or state, the material and finish grade, preparation and special requirements, surface area, and the labor rate of the rubber paver company.

Protect Your Commercial Building Concrete Floor with Recycled Rubber Paver Tiles

When it comes to businesses, you need to get the best products and services to enhance efficiency and minimize costs. Selecting the best paving product is just as important as choosing the construction materials for the building. Recycled rubber paver tiles are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a flooring that is durable, won’t make your customers slip, and affordable.

Kitchen Countertops– Granite Countertops

Beautiful Oak Wood Kitchen CountertopGranite has been a favorite for many decades. It has been used millennia ago in Egypt to build Pyramids for its ecstatic beauty and durability. Granite is the best available option for kitchen countertops. The unique quality of granite makes it a perfect choice for homeowners. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy maintenance stone.

There is a huge variety of colors, designs, and patterns available in best granite countertops. The designs in best granite countertops are developing and evolving as the time passes owing to the huge demand for the granite by homeowners worldwide. Granite is highly functional, beautiful and easy maintenance stone which easily adds a new life and vigor to the homes.

Reasons why Granite is the best option for Countertops

  • Highly Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Amazing Design Options such as Quartz, Mica, Feldspar and Horne blend
  • Highly Affordable
  • Evolving and Developing forever
  • High Demand all over the world by homeowners
  • Customer Satisfaction for over millennia
  • Easy Installation and Fabrication
  • Aesthetic Appeal to homeowners worldwide
  • Timeless Beauty

Best Granite Countertops

Bianco Romano

The Homeowners who prefer a white countertop should opt for Bianco Romano. The granite is a polished white countertop. The cabinet colors that go best with Bianco Romano are white or beige. The granite comes in a variety of colors such as white and gray. They also gel well with walnut and oak cabinets

Seafoam Green

The homeowners who are looking for an earthly and brown shade for the kitchen countertops should consider Seafoam Green. This is an extremely beautiful stone with hints of green, gray, and brown. They work well with painted cabinets. They give a perfectly rustic look to any indoor.

Beautiful and Affordable Quartz Kitchen Countertops Near YouCosta Esmeralda

The homeowners who like a hint of ocean in their indoors should go for Costa Esmeralda. It has a touch of green and blue in the designs. This greenish blue texture works best with white cabinets. It has a warm look and brings stunning atmosphere indoors by its soothing color impact.

Absolute Black

Absolute Black is for homeowners looking for a traditional yet classic appeal to the kitchen countertops. It looks great polished and unpolished. It gels well with painted cabinets of all colors. This structure gives a terrific look to the kitchen counterparts. This kind of granite is both modern and classic. Black always adds a unique perspective to any space indoors and outdoors.

Typhoon Bordeaux

The homeowners who prefer a classy look to their kitchen counterparts should choose a Typhoon Bordeaux. It comes in a variety of colors such as brick red, gray, cream, or brown. The red floors go perfectly well with Typhoon Bordeaux. With light colored cabinets, they offer a warm and light appeal to the homes. For homeowners who fall for warmth, this is undoubtedly the best available option for indoors.

They perfectly gel with cherry, oak, and mahogany cabinets. The deep red and brown touch adds a unique kind of vigor and warmth to the countertops.

Do you have a messy house? Do you have time to clean your house or other household items like dishes? Are you always busy with work, wake up early and come back home late? Do you have what it takes to do some thorough and deep cleaning? If so, then you will require a maid service to help you out. Cleaning is tough, doing it alone will consume a lot of your time and even cause you unnecessary stress. Why not go for professional house cleaning services?

Housekeeping services and maid services near youMost of the people ask themselves several questions when it comes to hiring professional house cleaning services. But on top of the list is – Why should I spend money on housekeeping services. So, if you aren’t sure of the benefits of hiring a maid service or professional house cleaning services, here are some of the reasons why you should spend your money on them.

1. Save you money

Some people make think that hiring maid and housekeeping services is a costly expense but in the true sense, it saves you money. Having a tidy home will make you become more productive and you will have time to concentrate on other issues or works that can bring you money, especially for those who work from home.

2. Help keep you healthy

Some people cannot stand living in an untidy or messy house. And the thought of cleaning may lead to pressure or poor cleaning may lead to anxiety and frustration. For this reason, hiring maid services will help you do away with this stress. Having a maid service will make your house not only clean but also organized hence preventing you from strains due to lost remotes, keys etc. This also prevents you from allergic reactions, removes bacteria or dust that may cause harm to your health.

3. Spares you some time

When you hire professional house cleaning services will not only leave your house clean but also spare you some time to spend on yourself and family. This time you can do some activities that are important to you like taking a hobby, reading books, meditating, working etc. Just imagine the feeling you get when you come home from a tiresome job just to find your home clean and all shiny. Isn’t that worth your money?

One good thing about hiring professional maid services is that you won’t be able to worry about your house and all your precious items like jewelry, machines, kids etc. That’s why they are professional, right? So, you can trust these guys as they will provide you with professionalized services and leave all your household items intact. They will also be accountable for all the losses.

But as a person, hiring housekeeping services shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to maintain your house. Meaning you will have to make sure you do some minor task to keep your house in a perfect condition. Cleanliness starts with you as a house owner, so take good care of your house.

Buying and selling jewelry is a billion-dollar industry, mostly owing to the fact that over 2 million people buy jewelry online every single day. So it just makes sense to join this business and get a share of that pie!

925 silver rings are one of the most popular types of rings available today because of their affordable price and great designs. If you want to diversify your jewelry business, selling these silver rings is certainly a great idea. The first step is buying quality 925 silver rings wholesale from a reputable sterling silver rings supplier. When you nail this step, you’re already halfway through the battle of entering the market.

925 wholesale rings for wedding

Buying Cheap Silver Sterling Rings online Online: Tips and Recommendations

You can see hundreds of cheap silver sterling rings online on sites like Alibaba, but you need to know how to choose only the best deal for you. How were these rings manufactured? What quality control processes did these 925 rings go through? What do previous customers say about the quality of these sterling silver wholesale jewelry supplies?

You also need to stay on top of fashion ring trends. What designs are in today? What colors do most customers often order? Buy only high quality and trendy cheap silver sterling rings online.

Where to Buy 925 Sterling Silver Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Where you buy sterling silver wholesale jewelry supplies is just as important as buying high-quality products. Buying from the wrong supplier will give you headaches that you could have easily avoided.

sterling silver 925 wholesale ringsThe first thing you need to consider is whether you will buy from a domestic or overseas wholesale sterling silver rings supplier. Buying from a domestic supplier will allow you to possibly visit the factory or warehouse or ask for samples first before buying their products in bulk. The shipping fee is also lower. It’s also easier to return the products or make a dispute with domestic suppliers.

Buying from an overseas wholesale sterling silver rings supplier, usually in Mainland China or Thailand, has its own advantages as well. Even though you’ll pay more for the shipping fee, the prices are usually cheaper than those in domestic silver jewelry suppliers. You can get hundreds of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, gemstone, and other pieces of jewelry for a fraction of the cost of buying domestically.

It is also best to shop from suppliers with proven excellent customer service like 925Wholesale because you don’t want a vendor who disappears without explanation. Choose 925 wholesale rings suppliers that provide a wide selection of women and men’s fashion jewelry with complete sizes and tested quality.

Get 925 Silver Rings from the Best Wholesale Sterling Rings Supplier

Just a simple search of “cheap silver sterling rings online” will get you hundreds of results of 925 silver ring suppliers, but choosing only the best wholesale sterling silver rings supplier is the real test.

Make sure to search for customer reviews, compare prices, and investigate more about the quality of their products because we’re sure that you don’t want to provide your customers with 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry supplies that don’t last. Expand your business and be an authority sterling silver ring seller by offering affordable and high-quality 925 silver rings wholesale products.